New year, new people, new things to protest!
For this months theme, I chose to work with one quote I saw during the Women’s March. A little bit of humour in contrast to all the terrible things that have already happened in the first month of our year.
This is a first attempt at hand lettering, and it’s hard! I imagine it’s easier to practice each letter individually, and it’s probably the more sound approach. But that’s not what I did.

Warren G-01

The result, a little bit wonky but still a good starting ground for something I plan to practice more.

(This is a very short section where I talk about how great my Christmas and NYE was, but it really wasn’t because I was ill for the most of it, and how this last couple of months have been super busy with other things and not so much blogging, and how I want to be more active on my platforms this year and produce new cool stuff but sometimes things don’t work out and all my creativity flies around in my mind without landing anywhere and by the time I’ve gathered it all together I’ve lost interest and started something else, and it’s hard because I’m comparing myself to everyone and I know that they in turn are comparing themselves too, because that’s what people do, but I’m just going to keep on keeping on and see what happens. Thank you for following along!)

As I said, very short.

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  1. Jag faller pladask för ditt underbara bidrag! Warren G, 90-tal, humor, kvinnokamp och vacker kalligrafi i en ljuvlig mix – fantastiskt!!! Och så bra du lyckats med hand lettering på första försöket!
    Hoppas du kryat på dig nu. Och även om det kanske känns som om din kreativitet flyger omkring och har sig, så har du ju faktiskt redan börjat skapa på det nya året. Och vilket grymt skapande!

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